måndag 8 september 2014

Problematisk "moralpanik"

Från Sara Scott The politics and experience of ritual abuse: beyond disbelief, Open University Press, 2001

"Much of the literature describing ritual abuse as a moral panic itself reads like moral panic. Grand narratives are a constructed warning of mass hysteria at the millenium. The lurking danger of brainwashed believers, and the lumping together of feminists and fundamentalists, is not dissimilar to evangelical assumptions that heavy metal fans, New Age hippies and crusading pedophiles are all members of the same satanic club. Recognizing elements of moral panic within the very discourse of disbelief engaged in labeling others as moral panic promoters leads me to consider that the very concept of moral panic is in need of reconsideration" (sidan 48).

"What becomes apparent in reading numerous accounts of ritual abuse as a moral panic is the imprecision of the term and its polemical nature. The distinction is between what is considered as intolerant, status quo discourses which stir people into a set of 'moral panic' and alternative discourses which produce only ripples of rationality: 'your worries are evidence of "panic", mine are legitimate concerns'". (sidan 50).

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